Preparing for your Taxi Driver Assessment

As a professional driver you have a special responsibility to set an example to other road users by driving with courtesy and consideration.

The official range of books from DSA provide expert advice on best driving practices to ensure that you and your passengers have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey.

The Official DVSA Guide to Driving the essential skills ISBN 978-0-11-553290 - Price: £11.00.

This indispensable driving manual is packed with advice to help you become a safer driver.

A section devoted to taxi drivers covers:

  • first steps to becoming a taxi driver regulations and medical checks.
  • passenger care passenger comfort, seat belts and dealing with lost property.
  • professional driving skills, environmental consideration, awareness, communication, tiredness and distractions.
  • driving taxis topping at the roadside, manoeuvring.
  • passengers with special needs and requirements.

The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive ISBN 978-0-11-553091-3 - Price: £11.00.

The only official guide which explains the standards required to pass today practical driving test and assessment for taxi drivers.

This latest edition includes references to the current version of The Official Highway Code. The book includes information about the 24 key skills examined and the level of ability you need to demonstrate, as a professional driver.

A section on the assessment for taxi drivers covers:

licensing requirements, key skills; including taxi manoeuvring exercise and stopping at the side of the road.

The Official Highway Code ISBN: 978-0-11-553342-6 - Price: £2.50

Essential reading for all road-users in England,Scotland and Wales. This updated edition of the only Official Highway Code contains the very latest rules of the road. Many of these rules are legal requirements and must be adhered to in order to avoid penalty - fines, penalty points,disqualification or even prison. The Official Highway Code reflects the most up-to-date legislation that road-users must adhere to, advice on road safety and best practice.

The Official Highway Code Interactive CD-ROM ISBN: 978-0-11-5528460 - Price: £9.78

The CD-ROM version of The Official HighwayCode provides an innovative and interactive alterative for users. It is an engaging, fun, and educational product aimed at accelerating the learning process and providing a thorough understanding of road safety and best practice.

Know Your Traffic Signs ISBN: 978-0-11-5528552 - Price: £4.99

Your taxi assessment will include five questions on traffic signs, so pick up the latest edition of this comprehensive guide which explains the vast majority of traffic signs that any driver is likely to encounter. A valuable reference for professional drivers, even those with years of experience.

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